What is a Home Energy Evaluation?

A home energy evaluation can be referred to by many names, home energy assessment, and more commonly home energy audit. A home energy audit is similar to house appraisals in that a professional comes to your house; only in this case the visit is to evaluate your energy use and the overall efficiency of the structure. The energy efficiency audit will review and provide you with an energy model and report outlining the home’s deficits and vulnerabilities while also making suggestions for how to improve the energy use within the home. Our professional home energy consultants want to increase your homes efficiency, which will ultimately decrease your utility bills. 

The evaluation generally takes between 1 and 2 hours during which time an auditor will review the entire structure (from attic to crawl space). A common misconception about energy evaluations is that an auditor’s goal is to upsell their clients. In truth, it is an auditor’s mission to help homeowners resolve energy problems and save money on energy long term. Energy consultants may offer a home energy solution for whatever existing issues your home may have be it insulation, ventilation, or any other energy related problems.


How Can A Energy Audit Benefit You?

If you suffer from high monthly energy bills or are increasingly uncomfortable within your own home, you should consider having a home energy evaluation. They are helpful in providing a better understanding of your personal energy use and the possible problems your home provides (such as old windows, inefficient lighting, drafty rooms, and other energy drains).

You should definitely consider getting an auditor out to provide an evaluation if your home environment is at all uncomfortable or you notice a problem. An auditor is trained to spot energy issues and provide actionable solutions (many of which don’t even come with a price tag). Any water or moisture buildup, drafts, inefficient heating or cooling are significant signs that an energy evaluation is needed.

Compared to utility providers, who merely check to make sure their units are functional, our energy auditor has your best interests in mind.  We offer comprehensive energy analyses to check all the possible causes for inefficient systems in your home that may be causing expensive bills or discomfort.  Auditors are knowledgeable and will provide smart, cost saving solutions that will help improve the comfort of your home as well as save you money and increase the value of your home.



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