The Solar Solution That's Right For You!

For Evolve Solar customers, these options are a win-win-win. And with all of these options, your Solar PV System is backed by industry-leading combined power and manufacturer warranties for up to 25 years.


Solar Purchase

Own your solar power and the energy it produces. Enjoy immediate savings!

  • Fixed APR% for life of loan with No Prepayment Penalty from $5,000 up to $125,000.*

  • 25 Yr Product & Workmanship Warranty Available**

  • You keep 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit and/or any state and local incentives for which you may be eligible.*


Solar PPA

Pay only for the power you produce with NO Upfront Cost.

  • You only pay for the power you produce at a rate that is fixed and lower than your current utility rates.

  • No upfront cost saves you 70% vs previous electric bill.

  • Product & Workmanship Warranty, If something breaks, we'll fix it.**

  • Transferability Guaranteed! Sell your home, new homeowner takes over.*


Battery Storage

Keep the power your produce for use at night.

  • Power your home even when the Grid goes down.

  • Protect yourself from Time-of-Use rate increases. No more paying the highest rates during peak hours

  • Clean, safe, reliable back-up power optimizes your savings.

  • Safety rated for Indoor or Outdoor installation*

Our goal is to provide low-cost solar energy systems to every home in Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida . We offer no upfront payments and hassle-free installations to make your switch to clean, reliable energy, quick and easy.